Wednesday, November 14, 2012

fifty shades of fall

Hope everybody has remained safe during all the storms we've been having so far. You can't tell in the photo but four trees fell over in my backyard. Thankfully the balcony's fine but the entire right side of the house has been brutally scratched. Anyway, normally I don't really like fall fashion (too much bulky layering and hot itchy knits) but I'm actually really excited to try out autumn looks this year mostly because I think the topee and maroon colors that are so in this year are so flattering!
outfit details
top: my favorite shirt from my mom's closet!
shoes: steve madden nude heels
cardigan: oversized knitted cardi from urban outfitters
bag: juicy couture

Anyway, I'm really excited for fall fashion this year and I know Clair is as well. Hopefully this will be a season of many successful fashion hauls!


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  1. Ahhh I love that shirt! The heels as well, so pretty!